In Memory…

“If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” – Will Rogers

The passing of 1549480_10151929711843178_1759037772_aa family member, friend, or pet is one of the most difficult life experiences we can possibly know.

With the donation of $100, One Tail will celebrate the memory of your loved one on this page. When you donate $150 or more, One Tail will rescue a shelter dog and name him/her in honor of your loved one, whether human or furry.

Once a donation has been made, please send a photo of your family, friend, or dog with a brief description to for placement on this page.

Donate here.

Interested in setting up a special page dedicated to your loved one as you gather donations in his/her honor? Email with your page request as well as the information noted above.

Above is sweet Stevie who was with us for only a short time. You were greatly loved. May you fly high over the rainbow bridge.

Our four-legged friends never seem to live long enough. In lieu of gifts for Tina’s birthday, we want to spread the joy that Cooper gave her for 13 years to a new family. Thank you Cooper for the memories! We will cherish them until we meet again. Love you Buddy, Good Night! -The Zettek Family

In loving memory of Lily

Brooklyn passed unexpectedly but peacefully on March 6, 2017 in the arms of her parents, Elizabeth and West. She made us a family October 9, 2004. We moved many times, but Brooklyn made each new place a home. She loved with her whole self, and celebrated each time we walked in the door. Eternal thanks to Heather and Raul for bringing us our Good Girl. Bet you’ve got the best spot to sunbathe forever, B. ~Elizabeth and West Smith


I adopted Quincy when he was four months old. Quincy was full of energy and was truly my best friend. He went everywhere with me. One of my friends always said, “Amy we know you love us, but we also know that Quincy comes before all of us. Some day I will get another dog, but right now I choose to donate money and volunteer my time. ~Amy Johnson

Murphy-In Memory

Murphy was the handsomest, most lovable, gentle-hearted, doe-eyed, swaggering, smooshy-faced boxer-mastiff-goofball I’ve ever known. Although 10 years is never enough time with a dear friend, he was the best boy, he made me feel safe and his antics made me laugh every day of those 10 years – a truly one-in-a-million pup. Thank you for teaching me to be a better person, and for letting me take care of you. RIP my BooBear. We love you. ~Molly Shepard

In memory of Bill Smith, pictured with his beloved dog Kaiser.

In memory of Bill Smith, pictured with his beloved dog Kaiser.

Caine was a special dog loved deeply by all that met him. Julia and Patrick gave him a life filled with love and adventure and he will will be greatly missed. We make this donation knowing Caine would have wanted another shelter dog to have the happy ending he was so lucky to find. ~ Natasia, Nik and Lennox Vargas

Inspired by the Vargas’ donation, Dolly and I would like also like to honor Caine and help another dog further his/her journey to a forever home. Julia and Patrick gave Caine such love and care, he was in the perfect home. Dolly and I will miss Caine on our walks. She loved to follow him as leader of her pack. ~ Andrea and Dolly

Sweet Potter

Sweet Potter

Sofi & Cody

Sofi & Cody