Dutch’s Fund

Today we lost a member of the One Tail at a Time family. Dutch came to us two years ago from a shelter that was closing and had impending euthanasia dates. He was quickly placed into a foster home where his family failed Foster 101 and adopted this big goofy Dachshund.

Dutch lived the next two years loving life and his family. Dutch had kidney disease, but he was a happy fun-loving boy. At One Tail at a Time’s Family Reunion Dutch showed up with a big smile on his face ready to play. He made us all laugh and smile as he trotted by. We will miss that trot.

Dutch’s adopters had this to say about life and loss with Dutch:
This is easily the worst heartache I’ve had in my life so far but I wouldn’t trade a second of it because the love Dutch returned overpowers the pain. Dutch was truly resilient — he is a perfect example of a shelter dog who just needed love and a good home to succeed in. Dutch was an amazing dog. Thanks to OTAT he was able to have a second chance and the life he deserved.

If you would like to help One Tail at a Time rescue more special needs dogs, please make a contribution to Dutch’s Fund.

If you would like to foster or adopt a special needs dog please contact AnnaOTAT@gmail.com