Pinecone’s Fund

Recently, one of One Tail at a Time’s adopted dogs with a pre-existing medical condition started to become unusually ill, causing her adopter to unexpectedly incur thousands in medical bills. We ask that you please read the story below and consider giving what you can through our Chip-In fund at

Pinecone was found behind a home by a One Tail volunteer with her legs covered in cuts from a recent attack by another dog. After speaking with her owners, it was discovered that she had been living for months in constant pain with two severely cracked teeth, and was suffering from undiagnosed epilepsy. When the family offered to give her up, One Tail took her in without question and gave her the medical treatment she so badly needed. After a good bath, two surgeries and full vetting, Pinecone was feeling better than she had in a long time and made sure everyone around her knew it!

We soon found out that Pinecone suffered from epilepsy and had occasional seizures. We were worried about finding the right home for her, but someone must have been watching out for her when a graduate student studying the neurological condition applied for her adoption. For the first few months of her adoption, things seemed to be going well for Pinecone. Unfortunately after that time, Pinecone’s epilepsy started progressing at a rate that no one could expect, surprising even her doctors. Her seizures increased both in intensity and quantity, and her body was no longer responding to increases in her daily medication. While she is currently doing well on a new medication, her adopter has spent more on vet visits and weekends in the ER than most families could afford in these hard economic times.

The doctors and we know that the stress caused by re-homing has the potential to cause Pinecone’s epilepsy to increase even further, and so we are now looking to raise as much as we can by May 30th to help offset Pinecone’s medical costs and keep this wonderful dog in her equally wonderful home. Visit to help. Even the smallest donations add up and make a difference.

We are an organization committed to supporting our adopters for their dog’s entire life and we ask you to join us in sharing Pinecone’s story with your friends and family so that we can ensure Pinecone remains in her home, receiving the medical treatment she needs.

Thank you,

One Tail at a Time