April showers bring….much needed supplies and donations for our homeless puppies and kittens! Through April 30th, One Tail at a Time is asking for your help in showering new litters of rescue babies with the supplies and medical care they need to thrive.

Your donation of supplies or medical care will help support our tiniest rescues and their litter mamas.

*Virtual Shower Game #1!*

Every $20 donation = one entry to our name-a-puppy raffle…Give by 12pm on Friday, April 17th to be entered!

Make a Donation

Your donations help support:
  • Medical exams for a baby rescue or mama $20
  • Vaccines for a baby rescue or mama $40
  • Spay/neuter surgery for a baby rescue or mama $80
  • Extra care for a baby rescue or mama with special medical needs $120 (function(f,u,n,r,a,i,s,e){var data={window:window,document:document,tag:"script",data:"funraise",orgId:f,uri:u,common:n,client:r,script:a};var scripts;var funraiseScript;data.window[data.data]=data.window[data.data]||[];if(data.window[data.data].scriptIsLoading||data.window[data.data].scriptIsLoaded)return;data.window[data.data].loading=true;data.window[data.data].push("init",data);scripts=data.document.getElementsByTagName(data.tag)[0];funraiseScript=data.document.createElement(data.tag);funraiseScript.async=true;funraiseScript.src=data.uri+data.common+data.script+"?orgId="+data.orgId;scripts.parentNode.insertBefore(funraiseScript,scripts)})("0bda8249-7332-41da-bd49-3621166cf8b8","https://assets.funraise.io","/widget/common/2.0","/widget/client","/inject-form.js"); window.funraise.push('create', {form: 10522});

Send Supplies

Our most needed supplies:
  • Puppy pads
  • Canned puppy & baby cat food
  • Snuggle safe heat disks
  • And more!

Please send items through our Amazon Wish-list as our facilities are closed in response to COVID-19.

Checks and in-kind donations can be sent to our mailing address:

One Tail at a Time
2020 N. California, Ste. 7, #152
Chicago, IL 60647

Tax ID/EIN: 26-2125306