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Kitten season is upon us! While that sounds super cute, it means all hands on deck for the rescue community. Read on to learn how you can help One Tail at a Time and Chicago’s cat population through this tricky season!

What is Kitten Season?

Kitten season is the period between Spring and Fall when cats mate and give birth to litters of kittens. Cats typically start having litters when the weather warms up- in Chicago this can last from late March or early April all the way through October. Cats can start having litters at only 6 months old, and can give birth to multiple litters in a season. With so many kittens being born, shelters are often overwhelmed by the number of neonate kittens and pregnant or nursing mama cats that come through their doors. 

How Can You Help?

One of the biggest ways the community can help us during kitten season is to sign up to foster through One Tail’s Kitten Rescue Team! While it may sound daunting to foster a litter of kittens, we provide all the supplies you need. Kittens do really well together with their litter-mates and often only need a bathroom or spare room in your house to hang out in. By signing up to foster, you not only will up the cuteness factor in your home x100, but it also means you’re saving countless lives- newborn kittens are extremely susceptible to disease, especially upper respiratory infections, which means any length of time spent in a shelter can be extremely dangerous. The more kitten fosters we have available, the sooner we can pull kittens and keep them healthy and happy until they’re old enough to be adopted! Sign up here to help us save these teeny precious lives! >>




Not able to foster but still want to help One Tail at at Time get through kitten season and save as many lives as possible? 

Send us something from our Kitten Season Wishlist!