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Collect Donations

Collecting donations from your friends, family, and peers is one of the quickest ways to help save lives! Your fundraiser can be as creative or as casual as you’d like, but here are a few ideas that have worked well for others:

Facebook Fundraising

Thanks to Facebook’s new fundraising tool, you can set up your own donation page right from One Tail at a Time’s Facebook page. This is a great way to reach your largest network of friends and get the word out fast!

Plan a Community Event

Many local businesses love planning fundraising events for One Tail, and it pays off in lives saved! Looking for OTAT to get involved? Tell us more about your event >>

Fundraise for OTAT Cooperative

One Tail at a Time is growing! Starting a fundraiser to support our Capital Campaign is an easy way to make sure your support saves lives well into the future. Plus, there are great perks involved! Learn more and start fundraising >>

Organize a supply drive

Visit our Wish List for an updated list of our current needs.