OTAT Committed Club 2024

The OTAT Committed Club is our way to say THANK YOU!

This punch card system is a way for us to say thank you for working your butts off to keep our rescue dogs, cats, and bunnies happy! It functions as an honor system, so keep track of your punches on your own (you do not need a physical punch card, but keep in mind there are 26 punches per card).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Grab a punch card from the Adoption Center, ISO House, or Behavior Center during a volunteer shift (or don’t, it’s an honor system so you can also just track it yourself using a spreadsheet or whatever works for you!)
  2. Earn punches for specific volunteer activities listed below or by fostering
  3. Trade in your punches for swag and other incentives! Volunteers, please contact Liz/Kelly ([email protected]) for those prizes. Foster Homes, you will be notified in our quarterly foster email.
  4. Volunteer punch cards and Foster points cannot be combined. (Two separate programs, earn double the prizes!)

The punch system works as follows for VOLUNTEERS:

  • 1 punch for: animal transports, rescue rides, thank you note writing

  • 1 punch for: every 2 hours of events (all types)

  • 2 punch for: intake shifts

  • 1 punch for every 2 supply transports

  • 1 punch for field trips for high need dogs (this is not simply a 30 minute walk, but outings such as a hike, long car rides/walks, sleepover away from a facility with staff approval)

  • 2 punches for specialty vet visits (eg Grey’s Lake, VSC Buffalo Grove)

  • 2 punches for any shift at the Adoption Center, ISO House, Behavior Center, or Vet Clinic (caring for animals, cleaning/organizing, staff requested need) 3 points if you’re a key-holder and are signed up for that shift.

  • 2 punches for PMA shift

  • Odd jobs (foster supply, postal puppy, application, development support, etc.) – contact Liz/Kelly about gift card ([email protected]). 6 month commitment required to receive prize!

VOLUNTEER prizes earned at each level:

  1. Sticker (1 card 26 punches)
  2. OTAT T-shirt (2 cards 52 punches)
  3. Name on OTAT website (3 Cards 78 punches)
  4. Name an animal in OTAT’s program! (3.5 Cards 91 punches)
  5. OTAT Hoodie (4 cards 104 punches)
  6. Enamel Pin (5 cards 130 punches)
  7. Your name will be entered in a drawing for Houndstooth Ball tickets (6 cards 156 punches)
  8. A staff member will take you for a tour of Chicago Animal Care & Control (7 cards 182 punches)
  9. OTAT Treat pouch (8 cards 208 punches)

Remember, The Volunteer OTAT Committed Club runs on the Honor System: punch your own card/keep track on your own! Once you reach a level, be sure to email Anne!

FOSTERS point system:

  • Based off how many days full days foster is with you. OTAT will keep track of this for you – so no need to tally your days of fostering. Our team will email fosters every 3 months to tell them their prizes.
FOSTER prizes earned at each level:
  1. 60 days – Sticker
  2. 90 days – OTAT drinkware
  3. 120 days- Your name will be added to the Committed Club list on our website
  4. 150 days – Name your next foster animal!
  5. 180 days – Exclusive foster beanie
  6. 210 days- OTAT treat pouch
  7. 240 days – Your name will be entered in a drawing for Houndstooth Ball tickets.
  8. 270- A staff member will take you for a tour of Chicago Animal Care & Control and you will be able to assist in choosing some dogs
  9. 365 days- $100 gift card to online merch website

Questions about the Committed Club? Direct them to Liz/Kelly([email protected].) for volunteer related questions and Candice ([email protected]) for foster. 

Thank you to our 2023 Foster Committed Members:

Alex Katz, Alexandra Schenck, Alexis Stamm, Amber McCalla, Ana del Rio, Ana Diaz Barriga, Andrea Lin, Anne Pezalla, Annie Kim, Ashley Cyborski, Brenda Wong, Caitlinn Caddick, Caitrin Griffin, Carolyn Conner, Casey Buchanan, christina Wade, Donna Goesel, Eileen O’Connor, Elisse LaRoche, Elizabeth Kirkwood, Emma McCall, Fatima Pineda, Gabriella Sanfilippo, Grace McCutcheon, Grace Roth, Hannah Phelps Proctor, Jennifer Mason, Jennifer Prokuski, Jenny Puzio, Jessica Mason, Joanna Tapio, Jody Soldo, Jonathan Saez, Julia Rohan, Jyotsna Rajaraman, Kathie Johnson, Kenny Tymick, Kristen Oneill, Laura Loveless, Laura Nevill, Lauren Enders, Linda Olthoff, Lindsay Horeis, Lyndsey Spangler, Mary Lynch, Mary Prabhu, Meghan Farrell, Melissa Wilhelm, Michael Sheeran, Michelle Vallet, Morgan Madderom, Nidia Acosta, Rachel Zak, Rebecca Pepp, Robyn Mericle, Sarah Avampato, Shelby Dubin, Stephanie Cascio, Susan Zhu, Yael Meshulam, Ahleli Pineda, Alicja Slusarczyk, Amanda Delheimer, Amarachi Chukwuma, Anne Miles, Ashley Gordon, Audrey Gilmore, Carla Schwendner, Daniel Lakemacher, Diana Iocco, Elinor Knepler, Elissa Jacobsen, Emilee Butler, Emily DiPasquantonio, Emma Sementi, Grace Hein, Hana Nabulsi, Ian Widner, Janie Ortiz, Joseline Gomez, Julie Campbell -, Kaitlyn Byers, Kaitlyn Vasko, Kelly Sellers, Laura Spatz, Louise Rider, Maria Lucia Madariaga, Melissa High, Melissa Romero, Mollie Green, Rachel Levy, Reynaldo Morales, Roxana Espoz, Roxanne Felde, Sarah Ferguson, Sharon Levine, Shoshana Shapiro, Siouxsie Slench, Somya Pathak, Susan Fritz, Suzanne Rovani, Taylor Savell, Amanda Waller, Ania Mlynarczyk, Arianna Maggio, Barbara Kompare, Celia Marrero, Elizabeth Benson, Emily Prassas, Ewa Wieslaw, Gustavo Rodriguez-Sotero, Kate Reavey, Kenia Ruvalcaba, Lauren Cooney, Lori Portnoy, Maritza Pineda, Minjae kim, Sarah Spanski, Susan Sanders, Tara Sherman, Alisa Di, Amber Bourque, Amy Basque, Ane Markes Larruzea, Audreanna Perkins, Bea Malsky, Chad Lowman, Darlene Vinicky, Iwen Lee, Jason Fitzgibbons, Jenny Tarnoff, Jessica Brinson, Joy Houser, Kathleen King, Katie Sweetser, Kevin Mondl, Leanne Richardson, Lindsey Proctor, Maria Roach, Mary Wozniak, Melinda Croes, Rasa Gierstikas, Richard Mipana, Samantha Trebilcock, Sarah Vanderah, Shannon Wilcox, Talia Canter, Taylor Robertson, Aly Medina, Yeonjae Jang, Alex Netzel, Frances Zalewski, Rachel Cheung, Brandy Wilson, Quinntessa Wright, Jacqueline Young, Jesse Altman, Kevin Crowley, Kelly Walblay, Marjorie Kersten, Stacie Matthiscyk, Lisa Dartt, Hannah Belcher, Carrie Rubinas, Kiara Cnota, Christina Babinski, Clare Roche, Daphne Hammes, Elisa Harris, Emily Savage, Emily White, Iris Gill, Jean Kummerer, Jennifer Romine, Jessica Jones, Jessica Watson, Jim Seiler, Jon Davis, Kellie Zaremba, Kimberly Ringbloom, Koren Power, Laura longhi, Lindsay Brown, Lisa Cheung, Lora Martyn, Madeleine Uelk, Madison Scolnick, Margaret Dove, Molly Cadillac, Rebecca Zak, Robert Dybas, Samantha Enders, Stephanie Youngberg, Tahnee Lacey, Trisha Tarsa, Michelle Zahuuranec, Mike Berg, Stacy Price, Tom Schendl

Thank you to our 2023 Volunteer Committed Members:

Alison Klotz, Anjan Siddharth, Anne Lombaer, Anne Maltz, Antionette Huber, Amanda Chow, Amanda Goldblatt, Barb Dowling, Bea Gatti, Candice Burgress, Carla Schwendner, Caroline Hatzel, Cat Hof, Courtney Blackwell, Dana Mueller, Di Rajesh, Elisa Harris, Elissa Jacobson, Ellese Bartman, Ella Prestine, Emily Bowers, Genvieve Snyder, Jane Higgins, Joanna Tapio, Jon Davis, Karen Pirog, Kelly Zehner, Lauren Chipchak, Lauren Gaia, Lauren Jacobs, Laura Whiteis, Lisa Tuszl, Liora Winston, Liz Czarnecki, Liz Minks, Margaret Bird, Madeline Uelk, Maria Cantu, Mary Bookman, Melissa Allison, Melissa O’Brien, Maradey Tim, Michelle Reisin, Misako Aoki, Talia Canter, Taylor Savell, Ted Williams, Tim Donovan