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One Tail at a Time has announced a 2-phase capital campaign (“OTAT Cooperative”) that will add 4 new facilities to our thriving adoption center in Bucktown. Keep scrolling to see how each of these resources will make it possible to save more lives and sustain One Tail at a Time’s long-standing commitment to pets most in need!

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    Vet Clinic

Naming Rights: Vet Clinic

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    Isolation Center

About the Campaign

Our Goals

This combination of projects will 1) Increase how many animals can be rescued, adopted, and cared for, while 2) Creating the highest possible level of efficient and economical programming.

The Cooperative will sustain OTAT’s lifesaving growth well into the future and continue One Tail’s model of empowering the community, using volunteer support, and reaching communities that are often left out of animal welfare services.

Our Vision

One Tail at a Time sees a Chicago where adoptable dogs are not killed in shelters, where low-income pet lovers get the veterinary care they need to keep their pets out of the shelter, and one that empowers the community to care for and find homes for pets in shelters.  One Tail at a Time also sees a Chicago that is so progressive that we can lend a hand to southern states and shelters that continue to struggle with overpopulation and shelter deaths.

Our Progress

Thanks to the incredible generosity of early supporters, $460,000 was pledged or donated toward our campaign before we officially launched on June 5th, 2019! Now, your support is needed help us cross the finish line strong and raise the $950,000 needed to complete all four of these capital campaign projects. Please help us expand OTAT’s commitment to pets most in need by making your donation to our capital campaign today!

one tail at a time capital campaign otat cooperative
OTAT Adoption Center
Temporary Isolation Center
Behavior and Training Center
Mobile Adpoption Truck
OTAT Vet Clinic
Permanent ISO Center

Program Overview

OTAT Cooperative will be a 2-phase campaign, with each phase addressing a different piece of the puzzle that will make it possible to best serve our community and save lives.

Phase I: The Opening of OTAT’s Behavior and Training Center + Adoption Truck Build-Out

The launch of OTAT’s Behavior Center (BC) will bring a positive reinforcement mecca for the scared and confused dogs once lost in the shelter system.

The BC is a space for the most vulnerable dogs to receive extra love, socialization, and training from a team of licensed trainers and volunteer junior trainers. The BC will allow OTAT to bring our amazing training resources in-house so that quality control and efficiency can be top priority.

The BC will also launch a first of its kind program: Utilizing traditional apartment space as transitional housing for dogs in need of extra care and individuals transitioning from homelessness.

See available naming rights and dedication opportunities at the Behavior Center.

MOTAT (Mobile-OTAT) will help our adoption program reach new horizons.

This first of its kind adoption truck will combine One Tail at a Time’s powerful, light-hearted branding with a fully functioning adoption program. MOTAT will travel throughout Chicago and its suburbs to bring pet adoption to spaces that previously didn’t have an easily accessible option.

We expect MOTAT to build and sustain our growing adoption program in ways we couldn’t dream of before!

See available sponsorship opportunities for mOTAT.

Phase 2: ISO Program Expansion + The Opening of an OTAT Veterinary Clinic

Phase 2 will greatly increase our capacity of care for animals and help Chicago in becoming a No-kill city, starting with the expansion of our current Isolation (“ISO”) Program

OTAT will identify a more permanent home to grow its initiative that focuses on intaking sick and injured dogs from inside Chicago’s shelters. These animals, exposed to upper respiratory infections or already sick from shelter illnesses, will have an opportunity to decompress and start on the highest quality veterinary care before moving on to foster homes or adoption.

Giving this program a temporary space has already saved 164 of Chicago’s most vulnerable shelter dogs in 6 months. Now, it’s time to make an even greater investment in a No-kill Chicago by increasing our ability to rescue, house, and care for these animals.

The opening of a fully staffed OTAT veterinary clinic will reduce the length of stay for our animals and drastically reduce their cost of care (which will in turn increase our capacity to care!).

At the conclusion of Phase II, adoptable animals will receive their routine vaccines, spay/neuter surgeries, and illness + injury treatment all in one space that has been dedicated to their needs.

OTAT also plans to extend these services to low-income pet families at low or no cost through our shelter diversion program. Today, these services are outsourced to a suburban veterinary center that is not accessible to many of the families we serve. Offering these resources in-house will not only allow OTAT to provide more resources to low-income pet families; it will make the resources being offered more accessible to those families most in need.

Questions? Interested in naming opportunities or sponsorship?

Please let us know! Email Cara Schwalbach, OTAT’s Development Director, at cara@onetail.org.

Other ways to help:

Start your own fundraiser!

You can start an individual or team fundraising page in just a few minutes. Fundraising for our dogs is a great way to celebrate birthdays, the memory of a loved one, or just because! Have a group of friends or coworkers looking to help out? Fundraise as a team instead! Get started  >>

Make a monthly donation.

Prefer to give a little each month? No problem! When making your donation, simply change the frequency to monthly instead of one-time, and viola! You’re all set to make a monthly donation to our capital campaign 🙂 Start a monthly donation >>

Donate In-Kind.

Dog-loving businesses and brands can donate appliances, equipment, or services to our soon-to-be veterinary clinic! Check out our wish-list to see what’s needed >>

See the Impact of OTAT Cooperative: