Happy Holidays from One Tail at a Time!

Make a Year-End Gift

Make a donation to One Tail at a Time this holiday season with the button below, or scroll for options to send an extra special holiday gift to the pet lover in your life!

You can also mail checks to:
2020 N California Ave Ste 7 #152
Chicago, IL 60647

Holiday E-Cards  ($25 Donation) 

Send an e-card to anyone, anywhere! Spread holiday cheer and share the love with animals in need by making a donation in your friend or family member’s name! You can select from nine symbolic care packages focused on different aspects of One Tail’s programming. Your donation will support the rescue and care of more vulnerable pets in shelters. 

How it works: Select the symbolic care package you’d like to sponsor in honor of your recipient, add your personal message, make your donation, and send! Recipients will receive the e-card immediately or you can schedule them for a later date.

Give the gift of a Fresh Start

Many of the dogs, cats, and critters that One Tail at a Time rescues, like former puppy mill mamas, the Golden Girls, have not received adequate veterinary care throughout their lives. With your support, the medical team at Ellis Veterinary Clinic will continue providing high-quality veterinary care to pets in need.

Give the gift of Heartworm Treatment

Heartworm is a preventable disease that can very easily develop into a deadly condition if dogs do not receive prompt and thorough treatment. The medical team at Ellis Clinic has treated hundreds of dogs with heartworm and your support will make it possible for them to continue to do their life-changing work.

Give the gift of Community Care

Chicagoland community members have been able to count on One Tail at a Time’s Pet Mutual Aid programming to help with food, medical care, pet ID tags, microchips, vaccines, and so much more since 2019. Your support today will enable Pet Mutual Aid to continue to be a source of reliable support.

Give the gift of Puppy Care

In shelters, puppies like Goose are at risk of contracting highly contagious illnesses, and once out of the shelter, they require veterinary care and lots of food and enrichment. Your gift will help One Tail continue providing medical care, food, enrichment, and love to puppies in need.

Give the gift of Critter Care

Critters, like rabbits, guinea pigs, and one very special chinchilla, are often at risk in shelters due to the specialized nature of their care. Your support will help One Tail continue to provide medical care, food, enrichment, and a loving foster home to small critters in need.

Give the gift of Enrichment

Enrichment makes all the difference in how well a dog, cat, or critter settles into their foster home. Activities like toys, puzzles, and more work animals’ minds and help them develop confidence! Your support will enable One Tail provide enrichment activities for the animals in our care.

Give the gift of Kitten Care

Kittens like Eyeleen are among the most vulnerable animals at shelters, with many requiring extensive medical treatment and round-the-clock monitoring. Your support will enable One Tail to continue to rescue at-risk kittens to give them the best chance at survival.

Give the gift of Senior Care

Senior pets often require extra veterinary care to address common issues that arise as they age: issues like diabetes, dental cleanings or tooth extractions, and mobility limitations. Your support will help One Tail provide the quality medical care that all senior pets deserve.

Give the gift of Emergency Medical Care

Emergency medical care is extremely costly, but also extremely necessary to the survival of severely injured and seriously ill dogs, cats, and critters. Your support will help One Tail continue to give pets like Bologna Boy not only a fighting chance at survival but a chance to find their forever homes too.