Thank you for taking care of a leash-reactive dog!

Many dogs are frustrated/reactive on their leash for a variety of reasons. We always recommend first and foremost doing training (with a certified positive reinforcement trainer) to set you and your dog up for the most success! As a reminder, our post-adoption support trainer Megan offers a virtual leash reactivity course. Email her at [email protected] to sign up!

For day-to-day walking, we recommend:

  • Walking during off-hours when there are fewer people outside
  • Always having high value treats on hand! Never leave home without them. Hot dogs, string cheese, spray cheese, peanut butter tube, freeze dried treats, etc!
  • Walking in alleys can be a great escape if it is too busy on sidewalks
  • Always make sure you are walking your reactive dog on a well-fitted, collar, harness and leash. If your dog is dog or people aggressive or has shown intense reactivity, we recommend a muzzle for your dog’s safety
  • Be mindful of your surroundings. Do not be on your phone or distracted. Always know where your quickest exit route may be if there’s a sudden oncoming trigger for your dog.

Here are some of our favorite places for walking dogs that are leash reactive to other dogs and/or people:

  • Forest Glen Woods
  • La Baugh Woods (can get busy on weekends)
  • Caldwell Woods
  • Cemeteries
  • Garfield Park

Other Options:

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