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Friends of OTAT,

Thirteen years ago, when One Tail started, our mission was laser focused on helping dogs. Over the last decade I have received an education in humanity that I don’t think I was truly prepared for. My lesson all deduced to one thing, a mantra that now guides me: it’s not rescue if they already have a home. 

Our adoption program is still the heart of our organization, but we have planted a stake in the ground. We won’t separate families. We will support our community, and we will have a damn good time doing it.

So please help us celebrate the launch of One Tail at a Time’s newest project: Pet Mutual Aid. From a first of its kind housing program, to people and pet food pantries, vaccine clinics, trap-neuter-return, no-cost vet care, and more. Much, much, more. We plan to help every Chicago pet owner who needs us. Throughout the week we’ll be sharing Pet Mutual Aid stories, the pet owners that inspire us, and more about our incredible Latinx team leading the charge. We hope you’ll join us. 


About Pet Mutual Aid

One Tail at a Time Pet Mutual Aid (“PMA”) is a combination of community-centric programming aimed at sharing our resources with our neighbors across Chicagoland. We combine the love of Chicago’s pet owners and the knowledge of their neighborhoods with our resources to fulfill One Tail at a Time’s mission of making pet ownership joyful and accessible for all. 

Support Pet Mutual Aid

Pet Mutual Aid Programming Today:

Chicagoland Rescue Intervention & Support Program (“CRISP”): A program started and led by One Tail at a Time, in collaboration with rescues and shelters throughout Chicagoland, that provides free or low cost resources to pet owners in need. Through our partnership with Chicago Animal Care and Control, CRISP helps potential “owner surrender” pets stay with families that already love them. 

People & Pet Food Pantries: At least twice monthly, OTAT hosts pantries that serve both people and their pets in conjunction with local neighborhood organizations such as Mothers Against Senseless Killings, The Bloc, and Lakeview Pantry. OTAT maintains regular dates with these organizations so pet owners in need can rely on the assistance. 

Community Pet Days: OTAT puts on free events in “pet resource deserts” across Chicago providing free pet vaccines, microchips, leashes, collars, flea & tick preventative, and spay/neuter appointments. OTAT also puts on small scale vaccine clinics with our People & Pet Food Pantry partners to ensure our neighbors have proper vet care for their pets. 

The Apartment: By partnering with local social services organizations, such as The Night Ministry, OTAT houses individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness in exchange for them caring for OTAT foster pets or participating in our volunteer program. The Apartment is located above OTAT’s Rudy Stewart Training & Behavior Center.

The Silver Ticket Program: Thanks to a grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization, OTAT is able to provide dog owners who have senior dogs in need of veterinary check-ups with a voucher (“Silver Tickets”) for basic vet care, dentals, and spay/neuter. The vouchers are intended to prevent and detect medical conditions most common in senior dogs before they become costly and unmanageable.


Other ways to Support PMA:

These Giveback Partners are supporting Pet Mutual Aid through the month of August. Show them some love and check with each partner for their giveback details:

Liberation Donuts

NutMeg’s Nut Butters

Kuma’s Corner

Real Dog Moms of Chicago

The Fitz

ResQ Organics

Dill Pickle Food Co-Op

Shadow’s Aglow

Keep in touch with PMA – follow Pet Mutual on Instagram and Facebook @petmutualaidchi