Job Title: Dog Foster Manager
Job Type: Full time, hybrid remote with onsite and weekend requirements
Department: Dog Foster Program
Reports to: Shelter Director
Direct Reports: Foster Coordinators
Key Work Partners: Intake Staff, Clinic Staff, Adoptions Staff, Volunteers
Compensation: $50,000-$60,000 annually with benefits

Overview:The Foster Manager is a full time position that supports OTATs foster homes. The Foster Managers role is to provide leadership to the foster coordination team and to work with other departments to ensure the foster team is providing the best communication possible. 


Management Duties

  • Work with foster onboarding volunteer team to ensure foster homes are approved and onboarded in a timely manner
  • Conduct educational opportunities for fosters and foster coordinators
  • Conduct initiatives to support, thank and encourage our foster families
  • Resolve any escalated foster satisfaction concerns
  • Develop and implement creative methods of foster recruitment and retention
  • Review and update educational materials and resources as needed
  • Review and update policies and procedures as needed
  • Manage a small team of foster coordinators to ensure goals are met and maximum effectiveness is achieved
  • Ensure that the foster team is adequately scheduled and staffed based on intake plans and in-house animal needs
  • Conduct weekly foster team meetings 
  • Conduct one on one audits of animals in the program with foster coordinators to ensure that adoption benchmarks are being met per OTAT protocols. 
  • Run daily rounds reports to ensure animals are meeting benchmarks for adoption, and provide guidance to foster coordinators to ensure 100% compliance on protocols and accuracy of animal records. 
  • Optimize capacity for care by collaborating with adoption, behavior, and medical teams to maximize the foster program
  • Coordinate and manage foster mentorship program
  • Collaborate with the medical team to ensure the foster team is apprised of medical protocols, policies, and record keeping
  • Schedule surgical procedures with outside spay/neuter partners
  • Run daily/weekly reports and send follow up emails
  • Run preventions  and booster report and send prevention and booster reminder email
  • Assist with transport and intake as requested

Foster Coordination

  • Match foster homes with animals in need via approved channels, and coordinate the arrival/pickup of foster pets and supplies
  • Schedule all necessary medical care for foster animals. 
  • Maintain medical records for foster animals via Shelterluv database including surgeries, medications, preventions, exams, and all other care during their stay.
  • Maintain current information on animal behavior including observations, reports from foster/volunteers, and incident reports, via Shelterluv and additional reporting tools.
  • Work with the Behavior Department to identify animals experiencing behavioral issues and address them, record progress at regular intervals. 
  • Take on a caseload of 50-75 foster dogs at a time
  • Communicate via email and phone call to assist foster homes with questions about the process, health, and well being of the foster dogs
  • Work with the medical team to ensure foster dogs have all their medical needs addressed quickly 
  • Work with the adoption team to ensure foster dogs are processed for adoption quickly in accordance with OTAT protocols
  • Cover onsite facility shifts as needed across all of OTATs facilities

An ideal candidate will possess the following skills:

  • Experience working with dogs using positive reinforcement techniques for a minimum of 3 years
  • Experience managing a team for a minimum of 3 years
  • Comfort and ability to handle a variety of sizes and temperaments required
  • Basic veterinary knowledge required
  • Shelter or rescue experience strongly preferred
  • A love for working with both people and dogs
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills
  • An attention to detail and willingness to commit to excellence in record keeping 
  • A positive outlook and a sense of humor
  • Night, weekend, and holiday availability are required 
  • Ability to work independently, balanced with an ability to work within a team and ensure a collaborative approach
  • Ability to manage emotional aspects of rescue work in a professional manner

Send a resume and cover letter to [email protected] to apply