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5 Reasons we're so excited for mOTAT

mOTAT One Tail at a Time adoption truck

mOTAT will make her big debut this Fall!

Our soon-to-be adoption truck mOTAT (mobile OTAT) is the second piece of our OTAT Cooperative capital campaign. Learn more and help give our adoption program wheels at!

mOTAT adoption truck one tail at a time chicago
mOTAT adoption truck one tail at a time chicago
mOTAT adoption truck one tail at a time chicago

Our mobile adoption truck is scheduled to (literally) roll out in October of 2019, and we couldn’t be more excited about that! Here are just a few reasons why:

1. mOTAT is going to raise so much awareness for rescue dogs and pets in shelters.

Mobile OTAT will be on the road 2-3 days every single week in some of Chicago’s most popular spots, spreading the good word about adoption! mOTAT’s larger than life colorful mural of rescue dogs will be seen by thousands of potential adopters a year.

2. Potential adopters can quickly see why rescued pets make the best pets!

From lifelong adopters to folks who have never experienced first-hand the love of a rescue dog, people will be able to connect with wonderful, adoptable dogs right in their own backyard…basically!

3. mOTAT will help us find new volunteers and foster homes!

In addition to finding more homes for dogs, mOTAT will help spread the word about One Tail at a Time’s volunteer and foster opportunities. There are so many different ways to save a life; by getting more folks involved, we can help more pets every year!

4. People can adopt a dog at more locations than just our adoption center ?

One of the #1 reasons that people don’t adopt is that it’s difficult to find adoptable pets close by. We know that by removing more barriers to adoption, mOTAT will help us send more pets home than ever.

5. mOTAT will help more animals get adopted, which means more animals can be rescued!

When foster dogs get adopted quickly, their foster family can welcome a new foster dog quickly, too. Vacant, loving foster homes = more lives saved!

Bonus reason: mOTAT is going to keep rescue fun.

We see it every day at One Tail. People in the community are most likely to get involved when the getting involved part is fun. With its ongoing dog parties and nothing but positive vibes, mOTAT is going be the definition of fun!

Want to help give our adoption program wheels? Consider a donation to OTAT Cooperative! Sponsorship, naming rights, and exclusive OTAT Cooperative swag are all available when you make a gift to our capital campaign. Thank you for your support! Learn more >>