Adopter Support

It is our goal to support each of our adopters so that they can keep their adoptive home happy and healthy. To do this, we have developed a veterinary care grant (Dutch’s Fund) and a training grant (Stella’s Fund) to help with unexpected but necessary costs. All donations made to our Adopter Support program will be used to keep dogs in their adoptive homes!

Dutch’s Fund Veterinary Grants
One Tail at a Time knows that the costs of caring for a dog who unexpectedly is diagnosed with a major medical illness can effect an entire family’s well-being, and could potentially jeopardize the family’s ability to keep their dog in the home. We want all of our adopters to know we are committed to each of our dogs’ happiness and well-being, even after the adoption contract has been signed.

If you’ve adopted a One Tail dog and have unexpectedly incurred major medical bills, you can apply for a Dutch’s Fund Grant by filling out the application and emailing it to

Download the Dutch’s Fund Grant Guidelines and Application

Stella’s Fund Training Grants
Thanks to a generous donation from Mark & Jamie Buehrle, we’ve started a new fund to help offset the costs of training both behaviorally-complex dogs and those that need a little extra help transitioning to their home.Similar to Dutch’s Fund, our training fund is two-fold. It will better equip One Tail to work with dogs while in our care, and we have also developed a grant to make funds available to adopters who are committed to keeping their adopted dogs as a part of their family, even when they present with behaviors that require costly training.

Email with questions or for an application.