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Medical Mutt Drumstick

Drumstick is our June 2020 Medical Mutt


Drumstick was rescued on March 7th, with one of the worst cases of a broken leg we’ve ever seen. He had been hit by a car before ending up at Chicago’s city shelter. Drumstick had surgery to realign his tibia at the breaksite with plates and pins, so that he could support weight on his right rear leg. After this initial surgery, Drumstick is able to carry a small amount of weight, but his road to recovery is far from over. After he’s fully recovered from surgery #1, Drumstick will need a second surgery (a femoral head ostectomy) to repair severe dysplasia in his left hip. Drumstick’s surgery and x-rays have already surpassed $5,000, and we expect the final costs of his medical care to easily fall between $6,000-$8,000. Thank you for helping us get Drumstick back to good health and mobility!

UPDATE 6/17/20

Yesterday, Drumstick had his next big surgery. An FHO to repair the hip dysplasia in his leg hip. While in surgery, he also had his plate and pins removed. Fingers crossed for a smooth recovery! We’ll be back with another update (and updated photo) as soon as Drumstick is feeling up for it. Thank you for helping Drumstick get the surgery he needs to support his weight and live a great life!

UPDATE 6/29/20

Drumstick is ready to find…his…home! After months in our care and multiple surgeries, plus too many vet visits and bandage changes to count, Drumstick has landed on our adoption page! Thank you to everyone who has donated to his care. Your support really mattered, just ask Drumstick!