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We're in the Home Stretch!

Help One Tail at a Time raise the last funds needed to complete our capital campaign projects & continue record breaking lifesaving! Celebrate the “home stretch” of our capital campaign by sponsoring a dedication at OTAT’s brand new medical clinic. All sponsorships are exclusive unless otherwise noted, and include a personalized plaque at your dedicated area + a pet tag dedication in the Ellis Clinic lobby.

Prefer to give my phone or check? Call (312) 767-7987 to give by phone. Checks can be made to ‘One Tail at a Time’ and mailed to our mailing address below.

Sponsorships Available:

Kennel Areas
Kitten Kennel Sponsor (6 of 8 available) – $1,000
Dog Suite Sponsor (5 of 7 available) – $2,500

Treatment Area
Grooming Station – $5,000
Dental Station – $3,500
Pharmacy Area – $2,500
Labwork Area – $5,000

Surgical Supplies Hub – $4,000

Waiting area – $4,000
Check-in area – $5,000
Foster supplies station- $2,000

Meet and Greet Room
Conference table – $3,000

Triage Area
Weigh-in Station – $3,000

Kong/Treat Station – $1,750
Sterilizing Station – $1,750
Laundry Area – $1,750
Volunteer Cubbies –  $1,750

Parking Space (5) – $3,500
Garden (Street Facing) – $7,000
Picnic Table – $2,500
Planter Box (3) – $2,000
Pee ‘n Play Turf Area – $5,000

ISO Center Sponsorship Areas

ISO Dog Cubbies – $2,500
Foster Supplies Shed – $2,500
Office – $5,000
Planter Box (Street Facing) – $5,000

Prefer to give by check or phone?

Call OTAT Development Director Cara Schwalbach at (312) 767-7987 to give by phone. Checks can be made to ‘One Tail at a Time’ and mailed to:

2020 N. California Ave.
Suite 7 #152
Chicago, IL 60647

More Ways to Help

Full Room Sponsorships

By sponsoring an entire room, that space can be named in honor of a loved one or pet of your choosing. Signage and dedication in your sponsored room will be personalized based on your wishes and preferences. Email Cara Schwalbach at [email protected] or call (312) 767-7987 to reserve your sponsorship or learn more!

Spay/Neuter + Surgery – $40,000
Treatment Area – $40,000
Isolation (“ISO”) Wing – $25,000
Meet and Greet Room – $20,000
Lobby – $20,000
Kitchen – $7,500 – Sponsored!
Kitten Nursery – Sponsored!
Mama Dog + Puppies Room – Sponsored!
Intake Area – Sponsored!
Play Yard – Sponsored!
Exam Rooms – Sponsored!

Pet Tag Dedications

Dedicate a custom pet tag dedication in your family’s name, or in honor of a special pet or loved one. Your tag will displayed in the lobby of One Tail at a Time’s brand new Ellis Clinic! Pet tags can be personalized with up 4 lines of text, 15 characters each (including spaces).

$250: Silver Tag
$500: Gold Tag
$1,000: Rose Gold Tag

Mural Dedication