Thanks for your interest in volunteering with One Tail at a Time! We depend greatly on animal lovers like you to care for and help spread the word about our adoptable dogs! We host virtual volunteer orientations about twice monthly.

Some things to know about being a new volunteer with OTAT:

  • We ask that you complete your first volunteer shift within 3 weeks of attending orientation
  • We ask that you be available to volunteer at least once every month.
  • All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older, be able to lift 30 lbs (approx. bag of dog food!), and attend an orientation.

All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

Accessibility note: Our facilities are not currently accessible to all, but we would be happy to work with you to find a place you can volunteer safely and comfortably. Contact us to learn more about volunteering on our donor engagement team or contact our Shelter Director if you would like opportunities with animals.

Looking for opportunities for kids and teens?

To see how youth can best support OTAT pets, visit this page!

Looking to volunteer as a group?

We have very limited number of group volunteer opportunities during the year, and reserve those for businesses and companies that sponsor our rescue work! Head here for those opportunities and more ways to get involved.

Next Virtual Volunteer Orientation

To register, click the link to our Eventbrite page below. Space at each orientation is limited to 50 people and must be reserved in advance. If you claim a ticket/spot, but later cannot use it – please “refund” your ticket on Eventbrite so someone else can take your spot!

Volunteers can help by


Our volunteers mean so much to us at OTAT! Our staff is small, so volunteers play an important part in socializing the dogs and cats, exercising them in our yards and on walks, and, of course, cleaning kennels and litter boxes (among other duties). Volunteers are also invited to give our dogs a break from the shelter life by taking them on field trips or sleepovers to give them a break from the facility life!


Looking to volunteer your time through pro bono professional services? One Tail is often in need of professional services in graphic design, marketing, PR, and printing, as well as dog-related services such as boarding, daycare, walking, and grooming. Have another skill set you would like to donate? Send an email to [email protected]!



We are greatly in need of volunteers that are able to transport dogs, cats, and rabbits to/from adoption events, foster homes, our Ellis Clinic, etc.!


Spending as little as a few hours out in the community on a weekend afternoon can make a difference in finding a dog his or her new home. Volunteers provide the invaluable service of handling and introducing dogs to interested families.


We love to hear YOUR ideas to help OTAT in its mission to end pet homelessness. Email [email protected] with questions or ideas!

Looking for other ways to help?


It’s simple—without our growing team of Members, OTAT wouldn’t have the resources to save lives when we’re most needed. Become a Member for just $10 each month, and we’ll send you new swag each year to celebrate!


Once they’re rescued, every OTAT pet starts their new life in a foster home. We’ll provide all the supplies and support you need to care for your new roommate; all we ask is that you give them lots of love and patience while they adjust to the good life! Learn more about fostering.

OTAT Committed Club

Congratulations to our Committed Club volunteers who have each dedicated more than 120 hours to our pups!


Pictured in order from left to right, top to bottom
Lauren Chipchak, Candice Burgess, Jane Higgins, Liz Czarnecki, Melissa O’Brien, Courtney Blackwell, Elissa Jacobsen, Ella Pestine, Barb Dowling, Christine Wong, Julia Adams, Lisa Tuszl, anne lombaer
Not pictured 
Carla Schwendner, Elisa Harris, H.R. Buechler, Heena Bhatt, Kate Baron, Kelly Zehner, Madeleine Uelk, Mary Bookman, Misako Yancey, Paula Blyth, Stephanie Cascio
Pictured in order from left to right, top to bottom
Elizabeth Minks, Anjan Siddharth, Ashleigh Hill, Cat Hof, Ellese Banzuly, Joanna Tapio, Kari Nelson, Kerry O’Rourke, Lauren Jaobs, Margaret Dove, Lizzy Scheinkopf, Claire Piggot
Not pictured 
Alex Larkin, Amy Basque, Carolyn Conner, Dana Mueller, Deanna Cooke, Erica Zitron, Genviève Snyder, Jon Davis, Lauren Kirlin, Leeanne Joy Richarson, Meradey Tim Berger, Monica Michalski, Rochelle Miller, Yash Varma


Alex Larkin, Amy Gawura, Candice Burgess, Carol Brod, Courtney Blackwell, Isabel Kadar, Julie Triphahn, Lali Alcaide, Morgan Pirtle, Yash Varma

Anne Lombaer, Dana Mueller, Erica Zitron, Jane Higgins, Julia Adams, Katya Shcherbakova, Liz Czarnecki, Lizzy Scheinkopf, Megan Brattain, Misako Yancey, Moriel Daniel, Rochelle Miller, Yin Lu

Pictured – Christine Hoffman, Elissa Jacbobsen, Jessica Meincke, Lauren K. Carranza, Melissa Kula, Mike Szczepanski

Not Pictured – Adrienne Pankey, Carla Schwendner, Carolyn Connor, Gina Scaletta, Heena Bhatt, Jennifer Lanser, Jon Davis, Kate Baron, Kate Burke, Lauren Chipchak, Rebecca Zak, Sonia Alexandrescu, Tyler Golemb

Pictured – Ashleigh Hill, Elisa Harris, Hilary Neiman, Katie Seddon

Not Pictured – Ali Vernasco, Andrea Wendlandt, Brenda Ramirez, Genviève Snyder, Juliyana Fridline, Kaitlyn Dvorachek, Katie Fitzpatrick, Kerry O’Rourke, Kristan Lieb, Lisa Tuszl, Madalyn Brooker, Mary Bookman, Tiffany Tran


Alex Larkin, Alyssa Frewen, Anne Lombaer, Bill Mayeroff, Dana Mueller, Genviéve Snyder, Holly Anderson, Kelsey, Leyva, Lisa Tuszl, Liz Czarnecki, Misako Aoki, Rochelle Miller, Katie Seddon, Lindsay Biagi, Rebecca Zak, Candice Burgess, Jane Higgins, Andrea Wendlandt, Brandi King, Carla Schwendner, Kaitlyn Selser


Anne Lombaer, Crystal Rosales, Dani Poplin,  Geneviève Snyder, Jessie Kremer, Jim Seiler, Holly Anderson, Kaitlin Obermeyer, Katie Seddon, Lindsay Bentley, Lindsay Biagi, Tiffany Tran (with Jupiter, the dog)

Not pictured:
Brenda Ramirez, Danielle Holtz, Erin Pierzynski, Katrina Mata, Misako Yancey

Andy McDermott, Emily Speelman, Jon Davis, Kaitlyn Selser, Laura Johnston, Misako Yancey, Monica Niemczewski, Natalie Deschaine, Perla Sanchez, Rochelle Miller, Shannon Friziellie (with Mikey, the dog)

Not pictured:
Bob Fisch, Brandi King, Katie Hartmann, Meradey Berger, Monica Michalski, Stephanie Genta

Alex Claiborne, Alli Dumphy, Alli MacGregor, Christy Corbin, Hilary Nieman, Jillian Braun, Lisa Tuszl, Maggie Hudson, Melissa D’Lando, Melissa Kula, Olga Bernad, Rebecca Overman (with Champ, the dog)

Not pictured:
Iris Santiago, Jahn Marie Parise, Jane Higgins, Julie Schultz, Lauren Rice, Megan Gilbert, Michelle Nacheman, Shelby Bertness