Sixteen years ago, in 2008, five friends sat around a dining table in a north-side Chicago apartment, and each took $20 out of their wallet to make One Tail at a Time official. Our organization started in 2008 from nothing but that $100 and a lot of grit. We have since saved over 10,000 animals and served just as many owned pets through our mutual aid programs.

In 2015, we helped open a sister organization in Portland, Oregon. One Tail at a Time PDX is now in its ninth year, saving hundreds of at-risk dogs every year. In order to address the neediest shelters in our country, and spread our progressive rescue values, we are sponsoring our third sister: One Tail at a Time West Texas. While OTAT West Texas will be a legally and financially separate organization, we will work together to ensure OTAT values are integrated every step of the way. As an extension of our ongoing work in Chicago, we will ensure OTAT West Texas focuses on sustainable local solutions including community support, spay/neuter, and local foster and adoption programs.

By supporting our work in West Texas you will help us save dogs and cats in the state that currently has the most shelter deaths.  You will also help us empower an area with minimal resources so that they can improve while we continue to prioritize our work in Chicago.

In 2023, we transported Hercules, a dog that lived most of his life tethered on a chain, and then spent several years in an overcrowded shelter with no volunteer program, no adoption program, and no air conditioning. This senior boy arrived to us, and just a few weeks later, he was adopted by his foster mom.


  • Increase save rates at far West Texas shelters through local programming and transport.
Shelter Name – Current save rate – Goal save rate:
  • Alpine Animal Services – 67% – 90%
  • Pecos Animal Services – 83% – 90%
  • Fort Stockton Animal Services – 46% – 90%


  • Functioning van for animal transports and saves: $15,000
  • Vaccines for all dogs: $5,000
  • Parasite prevention for all dogs: $5,000
  • Emergency medical fund: $5,000
  • Transport costs for urgent dogs: $20,000
  • Dog food: $8,000
  • Cat food: $2,500
  • Dog beds at the shelter: $1,000
  • Enrichment items in the shelter: $2,500

There are many ways to support West Texas pets in need.

Contact [email protected] to schedule a meeting to learn more, or make your tax-deductible donation today!

Your donations to OTAT West Texas will be processed through One Tail at a Time in Chicago. We will use all donations to fund OTAT West Texas’ local operations, as well as to care for the urgent dogs and cats that are transported from West Texas shelters into OTAT Chicago’s care.

Checks with “OTAT West Texas” in the memo
can be sent to our mailing address:

One Tail at a Time
2144 N Wood St
Chicago, IL 60614

Check out our brand-new merch designs inspired by West Texas! Profits from these merch items will help to fund our life-saving work in West Texas.