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Capital Campaign Update: We're in the Home Stretch!

Today, we could not be more humbled or grateful to announce that we’re in the “Home Stretch” of our OTAT Cooperative Capital Campaign!

Since announcing our plans to grow last summer, more than 350 community members have donated a total of $773,000 to our capital campaign…that’s over 80% raised of our $950,000 goal! What have all of those donations made possible?

Champer and dozens of his “baddie” buddies graduated from our Rudy Stewart Training & Behavior Center! Champer never had the routine and boundaries that pups need before his time our behavior center. He used his teeth for play, to get attention, when he was bored, and sometimes just because. Champer bounced around a bit, but with the guidance of our staff and volunteers  Champer landed in an amazing foster home that stuck with his training and has reported a really incredible turnaround! So incredible that they decided to make it official and make Champer part of their family.

Our mobile adoption truck (“mOTAT”) was ready for her big debut right when COVID-19 became the new normal. Instead of bringing adoptable pets to large adoption events, volunteers have been filling the truck with human and pet food for our monthly pantries with MASK and The Bloc!

Our Isolation (“ISO”) program planted longterm roots at the Brian & Sheri Qualizza Isolation Center! Having a home for our Chicago dog program has helped OTAT become the top transfer partner for dogs at the city shelter and helped dogs like Rona kick pneumonia’s butt after a week at the emergency vet.

Last but CERTAINLY not least, the Ellis Veterinary Clinic opened to bring vet care for our foster pets in house during nothing short of a global pandemic! We are already seeing the major impact our clinic is going to have on OTAT’s future and the well-being of pets in need everywhere. The Ellis Clinic is a complete game-changer and your donations made it possible.

We’re so excited to celebrate #OTAThomestretch, the last phase of our OTAT Cooperative Capital Campaign, and get these new lifesaving projects fully funded! Over the next few weeks, we’ll take you behind the scenes (virtually) at the new facilities to see your donations to the capital campaign in action. We’ll share before and after photos, and (of course) you’ll meet some really special rescue pets and people.

To support the new growth & help us raise the remaining funds needed for all four projects, check out the brand new dedication & sponsorship opportunities at the Ellis Clinic! This is the last round of sponsorship and will help raise the last 20% of funds needed to continue record breaking lifesaving. Can we save a sponsorship for you and your family?