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Dog is Family: Karen

Like all good things, it took some time. But before she knew it, Karen had burrowed her way deep into Alyson’s heart. “This is not a love at first sight story,” Alyson begins. While working at a doggy daycare, Alyson encountered a stray dog who had been brought in by some good Samaritans. That dog was Karen. Possessing a plethora of behavioral issues as well as dog reactivity (what we here at OTAT lovingly refer to as “baddies”), it was concluded Karen’s best chance would come from staying with the daycare.

In the true words of a dog mom, Alyson chuckles, “she was a dusty, skinny little babe who didn’t know how to act… but she won me over like the little stinker she is. Adopting her is hands down the best decision I ever made.” Today, Karen is keeping her mom busy with love and mischief; a hilarious example, Alyson says that this holiday season, Karen’s mischief has come in the form of climbing the Christmas tree and stealing the ornaments.

“I don’t even know what I was doing before her,” Alyson wonders. “Watching Netflix alone, I guess.”

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