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Saving Lives During a Global Pandemic

Photo by Chicago Animal Care and Control — An empty adoption room after an outpouring of support in response to COVID-19.

Friends – Thanks to an unprecedented number of new fosters (and truly everyone in our community showing up for our pets however they’re able), these last 10 days have been our most lifesaving ever. Despite a global pandemic!

The outpouring of support our animals have received in response to COVID-19 is far and beyond what we were set up to receive. BUT, we are digging deep, working harder than ever, and saving as many as we can. What does it take to keep lifesaving going during a global pandemic?

Meet the volunteers and staff working long hours (behind the scenes) to keep us moving:

Volunteer Lisa managing the “Foster Supply Command Center” to make sure every new foster pet gets the supplies they need to care for their new foster dog or cat!

A driveway adoption and hand-off for bloodhound puppy, Lennie. Happy trails, Lennie and family!

OTAT Alumni Albus (with some help from his mom) are working a virtual foster help desk to support new fosters during this extra crazy time.

Volunteer Kate giving new fosters a welcome call and “the scoop” on what it’s like to foster a dog with One Tail!

Volunteer junior trainers (or as we like to call them, the “B-Team!”) meeting virtually to share updates on each dog’s training plan progress.

With all of our facilities closed, our medical team has been doing intake and exams all on their own. We are beyond grateful for their dedication right now!

Looking for a way to help homeless pets right now?

Please consider a tax-deductible gift to all of our new rescues!

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