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Dog is Family: Gravy

Gina had seen Gravy shared in One Tail at a Time’s social media groups before he was even available for adoption, a hulking beast who was MUCH larger than the dog she imagined adding to her family. However, she couldn’t get Gravy out of her mind, and the day he became available to adopt, after rearranging schedules to visit him and spending a mere 10 minutes with him, Gravy became an immediate part of Gina’s family.

Gravy fit in from the moment he joined his new home, immediately making himself comfortable on his new bed. “Gravy is an endless source of joy for us at home,” Gina writes. “I firmly believe that his purpose in life is to bring a smile to people. He has made our lives both messier and better than we ever could’ve imagined. Our family wouldn’t be the same without him.”

Gravy is a well behaved boy who travels everywhere with his family, and will be enjoying two family Christmases this year, one in the suburbs of Chicago and one in Wisconsin. “He likes to be involved in the holiday traditions,” Gina says “even if he can’t lend a helping hand with the cooking or present wrapping.”

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