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Foster Feature

Foster Feature: Princess Sparkle Pony

By February 22, 2021March 26th, 2021No Comments

Meet Princess Sparkle Pony

Princess Sparkle Pony joined the OTAT family on Valentine’s Day, which is fitting since this 1.5 lb cutie was one of the sweetest things we’d ever seen! PSP had a wound on her shoulder that required surgery. As a result, this teeny kitty had to wear a bandage over her torso for a few weeks. She was also too small for a cone, leaving her foster mom (OTAT Foster Coordinator Shannon) to get creative with paper plates and bubble mailers. These fashionable accessories may have stopped PSP from getting at her stitches, but they sure didn’t stop her from having fun! Princess quickly lived up to her name and became commanding ruler of her very own cheese fortress. Her wound healed nicely and now she finally gets to go ~au naturel~  and show off her pretty coat. Princess Sparkle Pony was cleared for adoption this week and already has suitors falling over each other for a shot with her. Wish this lucky lady luck as she chooses who gets the final rose!  Sign up to be a foster for the OTAT Kitten Rescue Team here! >>