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10 Ways to Save Dogs

Each year, One Tail at a Time is breaking records with the number of dogs saved. That can make for some long days, big vet bills, and a whole range of feelings! Luckily, we aren’t alone - we’re all in this together! Want to help us save dogs and make Chicago a no-kill city? Here are 10 ways you can do just that, whichever way works best for you.
  1. Volunteer With Us
    Do you have a couple hours to spare each month? Any interest in having a dog ride shotgun on your way home from work? Want to attend an event with a pup in tow? One Tail at a Time relies on our volunteers to make all this happen! Join the crew.
  2. Foster a Dog or Cat
    If you have space in your home and heart, consider filling that space with a little scruff or a big fluff! One Tail is always looking for fosters to join our coalition and save as many pups as possible. All you need is a place for a pup to crash, we’ll provide the rest. Sign up today!
  3. Become a Member
    $10 a month? That’s only one Taco Bell run…
    Our members help provide ongoing support that enables us to forgo hesitation when emergency and medical cases come up. Plus, you get some sweet perks and a monthly insider newsletter filled with feel goods. Become a member.  
  4. Purchase with Purpose
    Have a little retail therapy coming up? Choose One Tail at a Time as your Amazon Smile charity of choice for a percentage to head back to OTAT and/or purchase items from the Amazon Wishlist!
  5. Attend an Event
    One Tail at a Time events and fundraisers happen year-round! You’re guaranteed a good time as most events are dog-friendly and snack-filled. From pop-up bars, to Tiny Dog 500, to Houndstooth Ball, there’s an event for everyone. Fill your calendar with fun. 
  6. Trails for Tails
    Bike, swim, walk, run – whatever you do, make each mile count! Team One Tail athletes choose a race of their choice while fundraising for One Tail and providing essential year-round support. In the words of Nike, Just Do It.
  7. Share on Social
    The internet is the most powerful tool we have to fuel adoptions, tell stories, and save dogs. Be sure to follow One Tail at a Time on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and help spread the word by sharing important posts.
  8. Rep’ Your Rescue
    If you talk the talk on social, walk the walk in your daily life! Better yet, walk the walk while rockin’ One Tail swag. Word of mouth has proven to be the #1 way folks hear about One Tail and merch can help start conversations. Plus, you’ll look great!
  9. Increase Your Impact
    Looking for ways to boost office morale or bond with colleagues? Set up a friendly donation competition among coworkers, volunteer as a group, or ask your office to sponsor an event. There are endless opportunities for corporate sponsorship and partnerships.
  10. Donate Your Dollars
    You know the saying ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’ well there’s also no such thing as a free dog! Generous donations help us provide the smoothest transitions for pups from streets and shelters into loving homes. Every dollar counts.