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Rory gets to be a puppy

We love a good glow up story!

Rory’s foster family made a commitment to do whatever it would take to get their sweet boy healthy, and it worked! After resesarching what foods could help minimize symptoms of Rory’s autoimmune disorder,  his foster family introduced home-cooked meals to his medication regimen. Now, he’s doing better than ever!

The Rory we met this summer was covered in pustules, had giant blisters for paws, his ears and belly were beyond irritated, and all of his toenails had fallen out.

But today, we couldn’t be happier to share that Rory has finally started to heal and feel more comfortable thanks to all who donated toward his care and his absolutely amazing foster family.

Determined to give Rory the chance he’d never had to be a “normal” puppy (we assume Rory’s autoimmune condition has been worsening his entire life), OTAT fosters Larissa and her husband started home-cooking all of this very sweet boy’s meals.

From Rory’s foster mom:

“While autoimmune disorder isn’t something that can be cured, he’s made so many improvements. He’s gained weight, many of his sores have healed completely, and he has toenails again!


My favorite change is his personality. He’s always been a sweet guy but he’s more of a comedian these days, playing with our dog and/or his many toys, talking/yelling at us, and monitoring our cats’ whereabouts are just a few of his shenanigans.”

We are eternally grateful for fosters like Larissa and her husband, who not only open their homes to sick and vulnerable dogs like Rory but then go the extra mile to help them heal and be loved.

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