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Rudolph's Glow Up

We love a good glow up story!

Little Rambo loves snuggling with his mom Evelyn, wedged on, in, and between a stash of blankets. Safe and secure in his forever home, the little guy looks like he’s dreaming about all the best things in life!

And it’s the support of our OTAT community that allowed this tiny Chihuahua to flourish. Rambo, fka Rudolph, arrived at One Tail at a Time in late 2018. He’d survived an attack by other animals and was barely hanging on. A Good Samaritan brought him to animal control, a compassionate act that changed the pup’s course. Once at the city shelter, Rudolph had only one hour to find rescue….

Enter One Tail at a Time. We couldn’t leave him there!

Rudolph’s jaw had been nearly torn off his face. We took him straight to the vet and focused on alleviating his pain while figuring out what surgical options were possible. Even in those scary days, Rudolph remained sweet. Despite having a cast on his leg, he wagged his tail as soon as one of his caregivers pet him. Even with a muzzle on to hold his jaw in place, Rudolph managed to smile with his tongue sticking out.

Rudolph reminded our team of Gary, an Alabama hound rescued just months before. Doctors successfully repaired Gary’s jaw. And, through love and support, Gary found a loving family. His story gave our team high hopes that Rudolph’s future was also going to be full of car rides, snoozing in the sun, and hanging out with his human.

We weren’t sure at first if Rudolph would be able to keep his jaw, but the incredible Old Town Animal Care Center team found a way! Their medical care coupled with a welcoming foster home allowed Rudolph time to heal.

Then, Evelyn met Rudolph and today they’re the perfect pair. Evelyn gave our strong little buddy the name Rambo, perfect for the fighter who held on. Evelyn gave him monkey pajamas because she’s “convinced he’s half chihuahua, half monkey.” He even figured out how to jump over a kiddy fence!

In the car, Rambo sits in the passenger seat, looking up at his mom with his big eyes, a smile on his face, and, of course, his tongue sticking out. “He loves to give hugs and kisses when I get home,” Evelyn said. “I am absolutely in love with him.”