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2020 Highlights: Meet Lottie

The One Tail at a Time staff shared some of their favorite rescue moments of the year. OTAT Development Director Cara shares her favorite 2020 rescue story, Lottie from Alabama.

The second I met Lottie, she became my favorite rescue of the year. Lottie arrived on an especially loud transport of pups from Alabama. The doors of the van swung wide open, and I’m pretty sure it must have been hound day (hi Anna!) because it was LOUD that day 🙂 The dogs arriving from transport join us from their kennels one by one, and as we worked our way to the back corner of the van that day, I noticed completely silent Lottie for the first time.

Lottie was so quiet,. I could tell she was nervous, but something about the way she looked up at us also said she was ready to join us on the other side of those van doors. In better lighting, I saw that one eye was cloudy with blindness. Her hip was scabbed with a missing patch of fur, Lottie had also been shot. 

I won’t get into the full details of how much Lottie had been through, and of course most of it we’ll probably never know definitively. But Lottie is safe! Lottie is loved! Lottie is one of over 1,700 shelter pets(!) that got a second chance at OTAT this year, and I think we can all cheers to that.

There’s still time to make a tax-deductible donation for 2020!  Please consider a year-end donation to help pets like Lottie in the new year ✨