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2020 Highlights: Meet Oreo

The One Tail at a Time staff shared some of their favorite rescue moments of the year! OTAT’s wonderful Behavior Center Manager Perla shared the story of our very good (adoptable!) girl Oreo.

“Oreo is such a special dog for me, and she really highlights my favorite aspect of dog rescue. She was one of my very first assigned dogs as a Behavior Team volunteer in 2019! She started out with us as an over stimulated, mouthy, dog reactive, but sweet as heck dog. In her time with us not only has she mastered impulse control but we’re now able to walk away from dogs without reacting AND she now has dog friends! I’m always in awe at how resilient dogs are and when I stop to think about Oreo and how much progress she’s made my heart sings! I love you baby girl- to the moon and back.

There’s still time to make a tax-deductible donation for 2020!  Please consider a year-end donation to for deserving pets like Oreo in the new year ✨