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2020 Highlights: Meet the parvo puppies!

The One Tail at a Time staff shared some of their favorite rescue moments of the year! OTAT Executive Director & Co-Founder Heather’s personal favorite was an emergency rescue of four parvo puppies.

Right around the height of the first shut down we had so many willing foster homes, we were reaching out to shelters we hadn’t worked with before, which is how we got connected with the rescuers in Quincy, IL. We had already taken several dogs from them when I got a pretty frantic text about puppies in need.

Overnight, someone had left four young puppies outside the shelter in a rainstorm. They weren’t in great shape and we all knew they needed rescue quickly. A volunteer drove all the way to Quincy the next day and brought them back. We knew they would likely be sick or get sick, so we weren’t surprised when they tested positive for parvo. But, they were in foster homes instead of the shelter and that made all the difference. All four girls recovered from parvo and soon were ready for adoption. Dolly and Rye Bread found great homes and then Jam (fka Suzy Q) was adopted by her foster family and Shaka (FKA Twix) was adopted by their parents. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!

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