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2020 Highlights: Meet Jinkies

The One Tail at a Time staff shared some of their favorite rescue moments of the year.  Foster Program Manager shared the story of sweet Jinkies, the tripod cat!

“Jinkies was one of my favorite rescues of the year because he reminded me exactly why I love doing what I do, and what an amazing community OTAT has created. We first met Jinkies at Chicago Animal Care and Control, where he was incapacitated with a broken leg.

Stacy and I love getting to say YES! to cats that may need some extra special care, and Jinkies was no exception! The fracture was so bad that he had to have his leg amputated immediately upon arriving to OTAT. We then sent him off to one of our veteran foster parents for some R&R, and he wasted no time worming his way into her (and everyone else’s) heart! So much so, that she just couldn’t say goodbye and petitioned her condo association to allow her to adopt another cat—how could they say no to that face!?

Jinkies, now Pogo, spends his days curled up with his feline and canine siblings and living his absolute best life.

There’s still time to make a tax-deductible donation for 2020!  Please consider a year-end donation to save pets in need like Jinkies in the new year ✨