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Chicago Rescue Day 2019

More than 237 pets left the shelter with 35 different rescue partners during this year's Chicago Rescue Day on August 10th!

chicago rescue day one tail at a time

Three years ago, One Tail at a Time started Chicago Rescue Day as a way to work together with our friends in the rescue community to bring support to our city shelters.

The event has been such a success and inspiration that it has grown each year, becoming a monumental day in Chicago, and marking as a moment of reprieve and reflection for our open access shelters.

This Chicago Rescue Day, over 237 animals left the shelter. For the first time ever, the entire cat room at Animal Welfare League-Wabash, the south side intake shelter, was sent to rescue.

We watched big dogs, parvo dogs, court case dogs, sick dogs, neonate kittens, and seniors leave one after the other.

We are so inspired after this year’s Chicago Rescue Day and can’t wait to continue to use that momentum towards building a No-kill Chicago.

Thank you to everyone who donated or ordered one of our Chicago Rescue Day t-shirts this year. Your support is what makes this day possible year after year!

chicago rescue day one tail at a time