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Happy Adoption Day, Fish Fry!

After one year of waiting, Fish Fry is home!

About one year ago, we got a text from the south side intake shelter about an emaciated stray that came in needing emergency rescue. We didn’t even have time to meet him or temperament test him- we had to make a split second decision. We said “yes.”

We named this goofy skin and bones boy Fish Fry and over the past year he has had ups and downs, and really gave us a run for our money. Fish was jumpy, mouthy, too overstimulated for the city, tough to train, and one of the hardest cases we’ve ever had.

Through it all though, Team Fish Fry (made up of staff, volunteers, and his rotating team of foster homes) made sure he got all the attention he needed and then some. They were his safety net and his biggest cheerleaders.

This past weekend Team Fish got to see him off as the paperwork was signed and Fish Fry officially went to his forever home.

Fish’s new dad has been working with him for the past few months, and we have never seen our boy so happy, relaxed, and well behaved.

Another dog got their day, and it’s another win for the dedicated OTAT community that never gave up.

Happy life, Fish. ❤️

Photos: Dogs & Not Dogs Photography