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Dog is Family: Albus (OTAT Name: Marvin!)

OTAT Foster and Associate Board Member Jillian didn’t want to adopt a puppy. Then along came Marvin, who later would be called “Albus” for the time he magically escaped the crate! Jillian remembers Marvin being adorable, happy, and squishy the first time she met him. His bright blue eyes were so enthralling, he was cuter than anything she’d ever seen, but…he was a puppy!

Even still, when Marvin’s foster had to leave town unexpectedly, Jillian opened up her home to Marvin as a “temporary” guest. The rest, as you can probably tell the from the photos, is history! He never even made it to the OTAT adoptables page, because quite simply put: Jillian had found her dog.

These days, you’ll find Marvin co-fostering more OTAT dogs with Jillian! He shows puppies the ropes, teaches old rescues the joys of playing, and smaller dogs the art of snuggling. When he’s not on foster brother duty, you’ll find him curled up to or romping around the house with a cousin…both the dog and human kind! Marvin is head over heels for his family’s 6 month old twins, and Jillian is now pretty confident that there’s nothing cuter than a puppy snuggling with babies!

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