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Foster Feature

Foster Feature: Broccoli Rob

By March 26, 2021No Comments

Meet Parvo Survivor Broccoli Rob

Early this year, when we shared the story of Arugula with our community, we were awe-struck by the response. We were particularly blown away by the number of people who responded to our call for help and not only chipped in for emergency medical bills, but committed to saving even more lives as a monthly OTAT member. The dedication of all of our incredible community allowed us to pull additional medical cases even while we were still accumulating bills for Ru. One of those cases was Broccoli Rob, a three-month old puppy battling a very serious case of parvo. Broccoli Rob was touch and go for a while and he caught everyone at the emergency vet off guard when he sneezed out his feeding tube and promptly started eating on his own. Once he turned the corner, Broccoli made a speedy recovery and landed himself in a foster home to recuperate and get a chance to be a puppy. And that he did! BR made himself right at home with his 6 foster siblings – three canine and three feline. He kept his new siblings on their toes with his puppy antics and charmed the entire family. In fact, they loved him so much, they decided to make it furever! Congrats, Broccoli Rob, we’re so proud of you!