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OTAT Member Spotlight: Meet Stephanie!

Stephanie Dufresne OTAT Member

OTAT Members are a special group here at One Tail. They make a commitment to our rescue pets every single month, and give what they canto keep lifesaving going! Many give $10 each month, many give more if they can. Every 👏 Membership 👏 Saves 👏 Lives.

Today, we’re super excited to shine the spotlight on OTAT Member Stephanie Dufresne! Stephanie has been giving to our pets monthly since 2017. She’s also a volunteer and (in case that wasn’t already enough awesome-ness from one OTAT Member), Stephanie adopted OTAT pup Bob just a few years back!

200+ lucky dogs and cats get to wake up in an OTAT foster home every day because of the help they get from Members like Stephanie. THANK YOU to our whole community of OTAT Members for making our lifesaving programs possible! You can learn more about becoming an OTAT Member here!

Here’s what Stephanie had to say about her OTAT Membership…

I’m so proud to support One Tail as a member, volunteer and adopter. Not only does One Tail exceed every expectation on keeping dogs out of shelters and bringing families together (have you seen how many dogs got adopted this year already?!?!) OTAT is truly the most innovative organization I have ever been a part of.

I’ve been volunteering since 2013 when we were a foster based rescue bringing a few dogs at a time to adoption events, to today where we have an adoption center, vet clinic, behavior house, mobile adoption truck, isolation house, CRISP shelter diversion program, incredible community outreach and support and so much more.

OTAT has changed the lives of thousands of animals who may not have had a chance otherwise, including Bob, my One Tail Rescue who was abandoned by his family when they moved and left him behind in their apartment. He was eventually brought in by a neighbor to CACC where One Tail and CRISP found a foster immediately. (By the way, fosters are HEROS!) Bob never had to go into the shelter. He got to decompress in foster and then joined my pack and changed our lives for the better. And the reality is, Bob was an easy one by comparison.

One Tail welcomes the most vulnerable animals, the sick, the wounded, the misunderstood baddies who just need some extra support, the stray pregnant mamas about to give birth, the puppy mill “cast-offs”, the hospice pups who deserve a soft, safe space to be spoiled til their final days. They run to the challenges and the hard cases, not away from them or around them and they are lifting up families and communities in the process.

One Tail is run by the most fierce, badass, compassionate, non-judgmental, mission-driven women I have ever known. And they get things done! Add in the support of members (seriously, even $10 a month or whenever you can afford to give is a gamechanger), the most dedicated volunteer army and incredible foster network and the sky is the limit on what we can achieve together!

One Tail has changed so many lives (both animal and human!) and even with everything they’ve done so far, I know we are just getting started. I am so proud to be part of this organization and know that every dollar and minute of my time is being put to the best use and driving real change. Please join me and so many others in supporting One Tail any way you can!

Stephanie Dufresne