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So what's it like to foster ringworm kittens?

OTAT volunteer Jon knew that these five adorable kittens needed to find rescue fast, so what did he do? Signed up to foster the whole litter, of course!

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Longtime volunteer Jon can usually be found running lakeside, with his best canine companion, “Lakeside.” This summer though, you could have also found Jon in his spare bathroom, caring for an entire litter of kittens with ringworm!

Over the summer, shelters across the country (Chicago very much included) are typically “exploding” with kittens, so we were extra grateful for the chance to rescue bust Cash, Napper, Nermal, Little Dipper, and Smudgly P. Bottomheimer out of the city shelter thanks to Jon and his spare bathroom.

Here’s what Jon had to say about fostering the ringworm babies:

“I had virtually no cat experience prior to fostering five ringworm kittens, but when I found out that they only had a few hours to find rescue, I knew that I had to give them a chance. I got them just two hours later and set them up in my spare bathroom. It was the best decision I made all summer. Aside from cleaning the bathroom regularly because of their ringworm, the cats didn’t require that much work. It was a blast watching them go from scraggly kittens to rowdy teenagers. I miss them using me as a playground when I’d sit on the floor with them.”

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