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Where are they now: Little Chunk!

A good/great Samaritan brought Little Chunk to animal control after finding her on a sidewalk. Thankfully, One Tail was on site that day with our shelter diversion program and whisked her to the emergency vet! Her leg was too hurt to save and badly infected, putting Little Chunk at risk for sepsis. A soon-to-follow amputation most likely saved her life, and as you’ll see it hasn’t slowed her down one bit!

We asked Little Chunk’s forever family for a few updates, and her’s what they told us!

What is Little Chunk up to this summer?

Little Chunk has been living the real country life up in Minocqua, WI. She has 50+ acres that she can roam, play, sniff, watch for deer, black bears, hummingbirds, squirrels, you name it! She is up there with her black lab brother, Buck, her OTAT alum sister, Cali, & Otis the cat, who thinks he’s a dog. She will come back to Illinois suburb life in August.

Has having three legs slowed her down even a little it?

The only thing that has slowed her down about her 3 legs is that she will not walk on wood floors or tile anymore… we have rugs EVERYWHERE! We have started some maintenance care for her front only leg just to try prevent any arthritis for the future while she’s young! But other than that- she runs the house!

Little Chunk just turned one! How did she celebrate? 🙂

Napping on the couch, playing on her favorite rope, probably chewed on a stick, sunsets & bonfire….extra treats too of course!

How does she feel about being on a t-shirt?

LOVES IT. Keep selling them! It makes us so happy people still rock her shirt & give tripods the love they deserve!

Anything else LC would like to tell her fans and followers?

She would love to come to a One Tail event in the near future! She is really social & good with other dogs!  Also, she is really, really loved by her family! She is very thankful to be rescued by OTAT.

Thanks for reading Little Chunk’s story!