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Two Good Friends:

Miguel and Shadow!

Miguel and Shadow became fast friends at our adoption center and have stayed best friends to this day! We’re so grateful that both of these big, happy boys and their forever humans have been able to keep in touch and make time for play dates.

Miguel spent nearly 18 months at our adoption center and spent every second making new friends. Over the many weeks, seasons, and holidays that Miguel was waiting for adoption he made LOTS of friends, both the human and canine kind.

It’s been over a year now since Miguel headed to a forever home, but even after all of that time he manages to keep in touch with those he loved most. Shadow, another volunteer favorite who met “Miggy” near the end of his stay, is one of those friends!

It took Shadow only a couple of months to find his home, but these two made every moment count and never missed a chance to chase, tug, pounce, and wrestle. Always side by side.

Today, they get to make use of Miguel’s large personal yard in the suburbs and do it all over again, but now with their forever humans! If it’s a hot day, you’ll find them playing an especially fun game called “Chase the water-hose.” 😉

Thank you to all of our loving OTAT families out there for giving pups like Miggy and Shadow the best lives possible.

Miggy’s Fan Club:

You probably wouldn’t believe it, but Miguel holds the record for being our most long-term adoptable! Here are a few more of his biggest fans and friends who couldn’t be happier to see Migs in the home he deserves…

“I first brought Miguel home for sleepovers when he was an Adoption Center dog. My dog absolutely loved him. Knowing that I was comfortable with Miguel in my home, Lorne (Miguel’s new dad!) asked me if I could help on some days he had to work late- so I would pick him up from daycare and we’d have little afternoon dates. Miguel also made an appearance at my birthday party, and it made my heart so happy! I’m so lucky that his big head gets to continue to be a part of my life!!!”

OTAT Volunteer, Rope-tug Champ, BFF to Miguel

“Miguel & I met when we went to the same daycare & were instant buddies!  Now we like to meet to take long walks together & catch up.   We share our treats with each other, munch on grass together (even if our parents are telling us no), explore, & just hang out being the very good boys that we are.  My buddy Migs even steps in front of me & puffs his chest out if there’s another dog passing that I’m scared of.  He makes me feel safe & happy & I’m so glad we are friends.”

-Riggins a.k.a. “Riggs”
OTAT Alumni,  Stuffy Cuddler, Miggy’s other BFF