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New Year, New Dog

Sponsored adoptions by Doola!

After Pancake’s owner passed away, the sweetest of sweet pups ended up at Animal Welfare League, a small but crowded shelter on Chicago’s South Side. It’s there we scooped her up and welcomed Miss Pancake to the One Tail family, starting her on the path to her new life.

Like every other dog we rescue from Chicago shelters, Pancake needed to spend time isolated from other dogs for a few weeks. Shortly after that, she was adopted by a loving forever family with the help of our friends at Doola. Doola is a Chicago-based creative agency making new beginnings possible here at OTAT!

All month long, they’ll be sponsoring half of the adoption fees for up to twenty dogs. If you’re looking for a new best friend, we have them in all shapes of sizes—scruffs and playful puppies, timid littles and calm seniors, scrappy goofs and running buddies.

With a little love and support, Pancake learned to relax under blankets with her foster family. She learned to enjoy taking car rides, curling up into a tiny ball for naps, and posing for family pictures like the one she took on her adoption day!

Doola’s support of our rescue mission just happens to coincide with our 11th birthday. Eleven years ago we decided to create a community and push for progress in rescuing Chicago’s dogs. We’re grateful for partners like Doola that help in the fight, act as champions for our dogs, and help us grow!

In 2018 we rescued 668 dogs, saved 42 kittens, and aided our CRISP coalition in keeping 850+ pets out of the shelter. You made that possible! Our donors made that possible. Our foster families made that possible. Our adopters made that possible. Our partners, like Doola, made that possible. So here’s to 2019 and finding forever homes for even more pups.

Pups like Pancake, who came to us scared and unsure of her future, but left with a zest for life and a love for the humans who gave her a second chance.

“Thank you Doola for your support this month!”
-Pancake on her adoption day