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Clover at Puppy Bowl XV

If you like a Cinderella story (but with puppies, so better), have a seat and listen up!

puppy bowl clover one tail at a time

Clover and all her litter mates were just 10 weeks old when they found themselves at a crowded shelter in Alabama.

But shortly after making to Chicago to be an OTAT pup, this Clover’s luck was about to change. Clover went from being one of the 6.5 million pets that enter the U.S. shelter system each year to not just having a loving family to call her own; she’s about to make her television debut in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XV!

In the Puppy Bowl — easily the cutest sporting event of all time — teams of adoptable puppies try (and mostly, adorably fail) to play, roll and sniff their way to a touchdown.

puppy bowl one tail at a time

The 15th annual event will air on Animal Planet on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 3, at 2 p.m. CST. But Clover’s adventure started all the way in New York City at the Puppy Bowl stadium! Clover was a champ for the 12-hour car ride, making sure to get plenty of beauty sleep and sample the finest road trip cuisine, including our favorite here at OTAT, Taco Bell.

Once Clover arrived in the Big Apple, she had time to take in some of the sights and smells of the city before the big game! She snacked on puppy sized bites of a New York bagel, pigeon-watched in parks, and found herself a Clover-sized “I Love NY” hoodie so she could remember her adventure forever. She even took a picture with the Statue of Liberty! P.S. Please don’t tell her it wasn’t the one. 

Then, it was time for the day she’d been waiting for. When Clover spotted a spotted a parade of puppies by Madison Square Garden, she knew she was getting close!

On and off the field, Clover played non-stop with more than 90 other adoptable puppies. Talk about a girl’s dream come true! 51 shelters and rescue groups from all over the country brought their puppies to New York City for the big game, and Clover couldn’t have been more proud to represent One Tail at a Time on “Team Ruff.”

So how did Clover fare?

Tune in to Puppy Bowl XV on Feb. 3 to see for yourself! You can also join OTAT for a live viewing party that day from 12 to 3 p.m. at Park and Field, 3509 W. Fullerton Ave. in Chicago. You’ll even get the chance to meet Clover in person!

While Clover and her litter mates have already found their homes, check out OTAT’s current adoptable dogs for a four-legged friend just waiting to complete your family.

The “Clover Sploot,” captured to perfection by Hilary Swift for Huffington Post