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2020 Highlights: Meet Stitch!

The One Tail at a Time staff shared some of their favorite rescue moments of the year.  Foster & Adoption Support Coordinator Amber chose her foster dog and One Tail at a Time’s first rescue dog of 2020, Stitch!

“Stitch was my favorite rescue of 2020. He is the happiest and most determined dog I’ve ever had the joy of caring for! The best thing about Stitch is that he will do *anything* to fetch the tennis ball and then he will happily drop it straight back in your lap.

He was OTAT’s first save of 2020, and when I saw his photo pop up in a chat, something just told *me* to take him home. He arrived at my house an hour after arriving at the shelter, unable to stand or move around.

At the time of surrender, he’d been laying in the crate for days. They reported recent seizures. The first days were hard. He was scared and really tired. I offered him food and water with a syringe and tried my best to keep him clean.

With each day, Stitch improved. We used a harness to lift him to go potty in the backyard and we worked with the k9PT to improve his mobility. He started walking, he started running and he kept FETCHING. Through months of rehab, patience and with the aid of seizure medication, Stitch was able to find the perfect home and loves life playing fetch in his yard! I miss him so much, but I look forward to being able to welcome more special pups like him.”

There’s still time to make a tax-deductible donation for 2020!  Please consider a year-end donation to save very good dogs like Stitch in the new year ✨