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Why We "Sit": Anna + Fincher

Just about a year ago, I got a call that made my heart drop – one of my favorite dogs from my past, Fincher, was once again facing homelessness as his dad had become chronically ill and unable to care for him.

My mind raced as I worried about how my sensitive, intelligent buddy would fare in a stressful shelter environment, and right away I knew that I could not let that happen.

Enter the One Tail foster community of superheroes. Within a couple of days, my special boy was placed in the most absolutely perfect foster home for him – one where he could go for the runs he loves so much, explore the beauty of our city, and truly shine as “one of the guys” while he waits for his forever home.

For dogs like Fincher, a loving foster and an incredible support network made the difference between a happy life, as someone’s copilot, and an uncertain future.

Fincher was just one of over 900 animals to enter our foster program last year, and this year, OTAT is on track to very likely double that – in large part thanks to the superhero fosters who open their homes and their hearts every single dang day for dogs in need.

Because of you, these dogs are not just surviving, but positively thriving in a loving home environment – and gaining valuable training, socialization, and love along the way.

On June 14th during the Sit-in for Shelter Dogs, I’ll be sitting for Fincher, whose life was saved because a foster said yes.

If you’ve said yes to a foster in need, if your best friend was saved because a foster said yes, or if you’re just excited to be part of this awesome network of life savers, I hope you’ll join me!

~Anna Johnson, Director of Foster & Intake Programs

PS – This year you can also create or join a team, so you can be “together” with friends and family for this special event. 

You can sit with us!

Join us for the fifth annual Sit-in for Shelter Dogs, a virtual event honoring all the shelter pets we love and have loved. The virtual event will take place on June 14th, but sign yourself up now and start fundraising for a chance to earn cool prizes and swag.

Your participation in the Sit-in for Shelter Dogs means the world to all the shelter pets out there still waiting!