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Why We "Sit": Alli + Swayze

Almost 6 years ago, I saw a dog posted for foster that had been left in a cardboard box outside of Chicago Animal Care and Control. He had a cough and was in need of a 2-3 week foster. I took one look at his picture, emailed the coordinator, and was on my way to get him moments later. Within a matter of days, I knew he was my dog.

Since then, Swayze has brought pure joy into my life. I constantly ask myself how I got so lucky. When I adopted, I was just out of college and had no idea what I was doing, but somehow, we figured it out. Through good times and bad, this scruffy nugget has been by my side and continues to be my constant support and best friend.

I feel so lucky that Swayze found me, and the connection that I have with him makes me work harder everyday to match incredible dogs with their families.

On June 14th during the Sit-in for Shelter Dogs, I’ll be sitting for Swayze, for the 1,500+ animals we will be rescuing this year, and for those that are not as fortunate.

I look forward to this event every year, because it’s so important to pause once in awhile to sit in gratitude of the dogs that have been a bright spot in our lives and remember those still waiting.

There aren’t many things that we can collectively do together right now, but this is one. If we all come together on this day, it will help so many deserving animals. We hope you’ll join us to help make this another incredible year of life-saving efforts at One Tail at a Time!

~Alli, Adoption Center Manager

PS – This year you can also create your own team, so you can be “together” with your friends and family for this special event. 

You can sit with us!

Join us for the fifth annual Sit-in for Shelter Dogs, a virtual event honoring all the shelter pets we love and have loved. The virtual event will take place on June 14th, but sign yourself up now and start fundraising for a chance to earn cool prizes and swag.

Your participation in the Sit-in for Shelter Dogs means the world to all the shelter pets out there still waiting!