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Why We "Sit": Heather + Rudie and Trout

It was 2009, just one year into One Tail at a Time. I heard about an Old English Sheepdog mix on the euthanasia list of a county shelter.

I’ll never forget how cold it was that February morning, and how jittery I was walking into the shelter with the leash wrapped around my shoulders, wondering who the hell was going to come out of that back room.

The dog that came out ended up being the best friend I ever had. Rudie was my companion for 9 years, taking me through a whirlwind of life experiences and travels from New York City to the western edge of Wyoming. I found my best friend on the euthanasia list, and all I could think about was, “Whose best friend is still waiting?”

I hit the jackpot twice in my life and at this year’s Sit-in for Shelter Dogs, I will sit with Trout, a shelter dog from Kentucky who full-body-wiggled his way into my heart two years ago.

The Sit-in for Shelter Dogs is a way for us to remember the best friends that have enriched our lives, enjoy the dogs we have now, and raise funds so we can work harder for the dogs still in shelters destined to be someone’s best friend.

I hope you’ll sit with us on June 14th, a day where we can be “together” to sit for them and stand up for what’s right.

Heather Owen, Co-founder and Executive Director

PS – This year you can also create or join a team, so you can be “together” with friends and family for this special event. 

You can sit with us!

Join us for the fifth annual Sit-in for Shelter Dogs, a virtual event honoring all the shelter pets we love and have loved. The virtual event will take place on June 14th, but sign yourself up now and start fundraising for a chance to earn cool prizes and swag.

Your participation in the Sit-in for Shelter Dogs means the world to all the shelter pets out there still waiting!